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This workshop  will take place  at the  'Corne d’Or' resort of TIPAZA (Algeria)

I am pleased to welcome you to this edition of WoSSPA 2011 organized in Tipaza, Algeria, by Ecole Nationale Polytechnique of Algiers. This is the 25th Anniversary of WoSSPA and it is the first time that WoSSPA is organized in an African country; and, it follows the successful organization of ISSPA 2007 and WoSPA 2008 in Sharjah, UAE. Previous earlier events were all organized in Australia apart from a joint event organized in Malaysia in 2005, starting from a workshop in 1986 that was in preparation for the first ISSPA held in 1987 in Brisbane, Australia. The name of the event was then WoSPA (Worshop on Signal Processing and its Applications). The word “Systems” in the title was added this year.
After 1986, the next WoSPA events were held in 1990 and 1992 as two-day workshops that immediately followed ISSPA 1990 and WoSPA 1992, and they were specialized workshops with time-frequency signal analysis as the 1990 theme and Higher Order Spectra as the 1992 theme. From 1993, WoSPA was organized independently of ISSPA and it was held in between two ISSPAs until now.
As for all the previous events, we have emphasized some particular themes:  biomedical research, signal processing for communications and Radar Signal Processing as well as other multi-disciplinary research. The background for this decision is local, taking into account directions taken by Algerian Researchers.
With this workshop, we will have now organized three main high level events (including ISSPA 2007 and WoSPA2008 in Sharjah) in the field of Signal Processing in the Middle East & North Africa region. It was found that, in order for universities in the region to make a significant contribution to the field of Signal Processing, we needed to link those areas of expertise available locally with expatriate researchers in overseas universities. To make this link productive, it was desirable to define clear objectives and efficient strategies. Organizing WoSSPA 2011 is part of this strategy. It aims to take advantage of local expertise to define new multi-disciplinary research directions that will need to significant innovation for the benefit of the local, Arab, African and international community. In particular, Algerian researchers participating at WoSSPA 2011 should be able to mingle freely with overseas delegates without the hassles involved in trying to get a visa for events organized in an overseas destination.
I welcome all the delegates, and especially the international ones, to this event and hope that they will have fruitful discussions, and take time to get familiar with local Algerian researchers. I am confident that WoSSPA 2011 will be beneficial for all delegates and will contribute, in particular, to help local research teams to reach world standards and become some of the top research teams in the region.
Indeed, a desired outcome of such scientific events is to help regional emerging countries connect with international research conducted in more developed countries and form new networks linking researchers from these different regions that will lead to new collaborations. At a more individual level, international delegates will be able to see for themselves the opportunities available for research in Algeria; and local researchers will be able to make new connections.
As the founder of both ISSPA and WoSPA, as the former founder and Director of the Signal Processing Research Centre in Australia, and former Dean of ECUoS, this event is also part of my personal strategy to be relevant to the Community and ensure that my work will leave a useful legacy both internationally and to this promising region.
I am of course indebted to my colleagues Karim Abed-Meraim from Telecom-Paris-Tech and Adel Belouchrani from Ecole Nationale Polytechnique of Algiers for joining together as a team and make this event a reality.

WoSSPA 2011 General Chair

Professor Boualem Boashash